Storm Season

by | Mar 27, 2017

The storm season is upon us once again. I want to remind everyone about the risk of electrical damage.

We have some severe electrical storms in our area. I have seen lightening damage not just the computers and network equipment, but HVAC units, coffee makers, TVs, and even hot water heaters. I have a customer that has been hit so many times, he installed a lightening rod system on his house.

All of you have a surge protector on your computer and maybe on other electrical equipment as well. This protects you from lightening damage coming from the electrical outlet. But how many think about the possibility of an electrical surge from your Internet provider? Your cable provider runs a very conductive copper wire from the telephone pole into your home or business. AT&T has a copper based wire as well. You might think you are immune since CDE uses fiber optics and it is not conductive, but that is still a copper wire running from their box on the side of the building. You need to protect yourself from these surges as well.

I have done a lot of research on this subject. Just reading reviews online is not much help. How do you know if it works? You only know if it does not work. Then what is the point.I have seen network surge protectors built into Battery Back Ups but most of them seem to slow down your Internet/Network speeds. I’ve had mixed results with this.

I’ve become a big fan of Ubiquiti networks and the products they sell. Their wireless access points are the best I’ve ever used. They make a network surge protect that is really affordable. We have them in stock for $20. That is the easy part. The hard part is that you need a ground wire to connect it. Which means you are probably going to need an electrician. We work with several and will be happy to recommend one. Also I tested them on my network and there was no degradation of network speeds.

Free Network Surge Protector?

If you are signed up with one of our maintenance plans, we will give you a network surge protector for free. There is a limit of one per location. Just contact us and we will help you set everything up.

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