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Email Services

Ingram Computer Services has very flexible and specialized email services. We understand email is becoming more and more complex. Many companies are hosting their own email and Internet Providers are limiting what can be done in a failed effort to prevent Spam.

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Traditional Email

Many companies need a place to host the email for their domain name. It never looks professional to have a @yahoo.com or @gmail.com as your company email address. We can host your company domain and give all your employees their own email address.

Microsoft Exchange Relay

Many Internet providers block port 25. This port is used by email servers to send and receive mail. By relaying your email through our servers, you can overcome this obstacle. This also allows us to become a backup mail server in the event your server or Internet connection become unavailable.

Backup Email Server

If your mail server or Internet connect goes down, we can provide a backup mail server to catch your email. When your services are restore, our server will deliver the mail.

Microsoft Exchange Online

If you want the power of Microsoft Exchange but do not want the expense of hosting your own servers, we recommend Exchange Online. You still have the full power of Microsoft Outlook: Shared Calendars, contacts, email boxes, etc.

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