Ingram Technology I.T. Services for Small Business

I.T. Services for Small Business

We keep your business secure and stable.

  • Cloud Services
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Patching
  • Security
  • Zero Trust
  • Firewall
  • Network Monitoring

Residential Services

We are a full service computer shop.

  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • PC & Mac Support
  • Remote Support
  • Upgrades
  • New Builds
  • Screen Replacement
  • Free Diagnostics

6 IT Stumbling Blocks Holding You Back

When it comes to your information technology, you may be happy enough if it works and appears secure. After that, you don’t spend much time on IT.

The Devil You Know: Insider Threats to Business Cybersecurity

The frequency of insider threat incidents is on the rise. Between 2018 and 2020, they spiked by 47%, according to the Ponemon Institute. 

Control Your Cloud Computing Costs for Better ROI

Cloud computing enables the remote work we relied on in 2020 and so much more. No wonder a majority of businesses have at least some data in the cloud. But you don’t also want to be among the bulk of businesses that are overpaying for their cloud services.

Delivering SMS “Smishing” Scams

Delivering SMS “Smishing” Scams

Smishing is high up on the list of words that do not sound as intimidating or threatening as they should. Smashing the word fishing together with the “SM” for short messaging service (aka text), smishing is a cyberscam.

What Not to Do on a Work Computer

What Not to Do on a Work Computer

Working from home has its advantages but can also blur the line between professional and personal time. Plus, employees may grow more relaxed about what they do on their work computer while remote. This article shares things employees should avoid doing on work computers, whether remote or in the office.

What You Need to Know about Security Testing

What You Need to Know about Security Testing

You want to keep your IT in top shape. Your business technology supports both your productivity and profitability. You don’t want to be dealing with downtime. You also want to avoid running afoul of any industry regulations or standards. But how does a business gauge IT fitness? That’s where IT audits, security assessments and penetration testing come in.

Reviews from our Customers

  • Lynn Spain AvatarLynn S.

    These people were so nice and friendly with helping me with my broken computer. They were very knowledgeable and once... read more - 8/22/2021 

    Ben Webber AvatarBen W.

    Does all of our IT stuff, he has been able to solve every problem we have ever had. He is... read more - 10/13/2021 

    Payton Pruitt AvatarPayton P.

    I really liked this place! The staff is really friendly and kept me up to date on everything that was... read more - 10/30/2019 

    Shirley M. AvatarShirley M.

    just got my computer back. it is working better than ever! nice people and great work. I will go back... read more - 8/26/2016 

    mrtnpirate Avatarmrtnpirate

    Good service is difficult to come by, but its easy to find at Ingram Computer Services! Wonderful service,... read more - 10/13/2021 

    kaykay Avatarkaykay

    Ingram Computer Services rescued my computer when I needed it repaired quickly. This company is composed of professionals who not... read more - 4/17/2019 

    Justin Crews AvatarJustin C.

    Very professional and friendly staff. Very helpful, would recommend to anyone - 6/10/2021 

    Cindy Garcia AvatarCindy G.

    I brought in 2 very old and unusable CPU's, and asked Ingram's to try to recover the pictures. They were... read more - 2/23/2019 

    Chris Sanders AvatarChris S.

    Amazing people, and even have free diagnostics. They are pretty knowledgeable, and tend to have a fast turn around. Recommend... read more - 3/13/2019 

  • Rex Christensen AvatarRex C.

    A big thanks to Matt and Ingram Computer Services for digging us out of the ditch today. A key computer... read more - 5/08/2020 

    Elisha L. AvatarElisha L.

    There aren't enough stars to rate the dedication, talent, and customer service [Janice, you rock!] at Ingram. I took my... read more - 2/10/2015 

    Larry Martin AvatarLarry M.

    Solved all my computer problems. A life saver since I had been major hacked. Excellent service. Kay Martin - 10/01/2019 

    Stephanie C. AvatarStephanie C.

    I have been using Ingram Computer Services since way back in 2004 when I worked for Petrie Memorial United Methodist... read more - 7/14/2015 

    Missy B. AvatarMissy B.

    This is a awesome place. I recommend everyone use them. They are honest and very helpful and so nice. - 11/04/2014 

    Feri Jones AvatarFeri J.

    Excellent in handling our situation. Was very helpful and reasonable with price . Matthew gave us options and kept us... read more - 1/25/2019 

    Virginia Cowan AvatarVirginia C.

    Ingram is a miracle company in Clarksville! Janet and Matt have the ultimate customer service. They fixed my... read more - 6/12/2020 

    David Cheney AvatarDavid C.

    Outstanding costumer service!!!! Very professional and well educated staff. I will definitely return. - 8/12/2021 

    Katy Phillips AvatarKaty P.

    The power button on my Dell laptop wouldn't depress so my computer wouldn't turn on. Brought to Ingram as I... read more - 8/12/2021 

  • Eye Doctors AvatarEye D.

    Matt @ Ingram Computer Services provides the best computer networking services in Clarksville! I've worked with other companies in... read more - 6/04/2021 

    Grace Cowan AvatarGrace C.

    Ingram is a miracle company in Clarksville! Janet and Matt have the ultimate customer service. They fixed my... read more - 6/12/2020 

    Martha Dulin AvatarMartha D.

    Outstanding service. I highly recommend Ingram Computer Services for all computer needs. Matt was very thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. I... read more - 12/27/2018 

    Gary V. AvatarGary V.

    Cannot beat "next day" service! - 5/22/2013 

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