Free Electronics Recycling

Whether you believe in global warming or global cooling or global trotters, one thing we can agree on is that we need to be good stewards of our environment. That is why we offer free electronics recycling.

  • Desktop PCs
  • Apple Mac
  • Laptops/Notebooks
  • LCD Monitors
  • Phones/Tablets

Just drop the computer off anytime during normal business hours. Please do not leave them by the front door when we are closed. The city doesn’t like that.

What do you do with my computer?

We disassemble the computer. The metal cases go to Montgomery County Recycling, the electronics will be sent to a place in Maryland, and some parts may be sold as used.

Selling used parts does not sound like recycling?

If it keeps it out of the landfill and used for another purpose then that is recycling.

Do you make money from my computer?

We do receive money from the recyclers and selling used parts. However, once you calculate the labor hours spent disassembling and sorting the computers, we are in the negative.

What will happen to the data on my computer? Will you erase it?

We disassemble the hard drive. Hard drives are ruined once you open them. There is still the chance that someone could retrieve data from the disk. However, this would cost tens of thousands of dollars. There are too many easier targets out there.

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