Free Diagnostics

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ICS offers basic free diagnostics on desktop and notebook computers. This offer is for in-store service work only. Onsite services do not apply. This includes 24 hour hardware diagnostics.

This does not include printers, monitors, ipods or other computer parts and accessories.

Advanced diagnostics of $25.00 may be required if basic diagnostics does not show errors.

Notebook Computers

There is a 1 hour fee to disassemble a laptop/notebook computer and check for problems that cannot be detected with the case assembled. These can include the following:

  • Checking the power jack to see if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.
  • Checking the CPU for damage.
  • Checking the CPU fan and heat sink assembly.
  • Checking motherboard for various problems such as liquid or heat damage.
  • Testing of LCD inverter, cables, florescent tubes or other parts in the monitor housing.

Advanced diagnostics fees as well as fees to disassemble a laptop will be credited back to the cost of the repair. For instance, if you need a laptop jack replacement, we will not charge for the advance diagnostics and the fee to replace the jack. If you decide not to have ICS preform the repair, the cost will then be 1 hour of labor. Please call our office if you need clarification on these fees. We will be happy to explain them to you.

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