Using the Webmail Interface

You can access the Web-Based Email by going to:

You can also add /webmail to the end of your domain name:

Be sure to login with your full email address as your username.


There are multiple webmail interfaces. Everyone has their favorite.

wm-horde This one has the most features. It’s not very pretty but it does have calendars.
wm-roundcube This is the best looking one of the three.
wm-squirrel Very simple. Very fast.
i1 You can change your email password if needed.
i2 You can forward your email to another address.
i3 If you are not going to be able to answer your email for a while you may want to setup an auto responder. Just keep in mind that spammers get these too. So you may have just confirmed you email address with a spammer.
i4 You can auto-configure your email client.
i5 No longer available.
i6 This feature allows you to review email delivery attempts for your account. You can see details of each delivery attempt, including whether a message was delivered successfully. You can also see the delivery route for a message from your account’s mail server to a remote address.
i7 In this area you can manage filters for your main account.


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