5 Star Review

unlike the competition, they do not ask for a fee upfront,$45…. or if you want to “jump the line”$75….Ingram will look at your computer find out what the problem is and then give you a price to fix it.I bought a refurbished computer from “doghouse” last oct 2014……because i asked them to have a look at my old one….. not working..i needed it repaired urgently so i was charged $75 just to look at it…. ,by nov 2014 they had to replace the harddrive,of course i had to pay $45 just to have them look at it,by jan 2015 they had to replace the power unit,feb it would not start another $75 to look at it urgently…..and finally april2015 would not load windows at all.I took it to Ingrams.No charge to look at it…they had to replace the hard drive put in by “doghouse” in nov 2014 because it was fried.Ingrams replaced the hard drive and loaded windows at a labour cost of only $79….Do yourselves a favor….take it to Ingrams were to staff are friendly unlike the surly receptionist at “doghouse”…Ingrams were they charge you a fair price ‘

Richard B.

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